Partner & Production

Our philosophy

We at THE NEIGHBOURGOODS. are confronted daily with the effects of conventional textile production. Working conditions and health standards in production are largely catastrophic and the apparel industry is still one of the world’s largest polluters with more than 10% of global CO2 emissions and significant negative impacts on soil and water. Our goal at THE NEIGHBOURGOODS. is to use the most sustainable materials and to guarantee safe and fair working conditions to all involved, from cotton farmers to factory workers. To meet these demanding requirements, we work with the most demanding partners and certificates in the apparel industry.

Why Organic Cotton?

Modern, conventional cotton farming overburdens soils and exposes the environment to a variety of toxins. This has transformed traditional cotton production into a single nightmare within 30 years in many countries. Growing organic cotton is a step backwards towards sustainable and perspective management of the fields in harmony with nature. In this way, farmers can also provide for their families in the long term and finance their children a good education instead of having to worry about ever increasing dividends of the agricultural corporations.So it should be self-evident. We want this path with THE NEIGHBORGOODS.

Our partners

Most of our suppliers are now longstanding partners of THE NEIGHBORGOODS. and we have managed to build mutual trust and work together to improve production.